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Welcome to Film Production Studio 1

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Canvas is not working for many today so I have posted your assignments for today right here!  Please follow the directions very carefully so that you can get a 100% for today.


Today's Objective: 
-Understand and apply tools and methods used to edit video

Agenda for 3/7/16

  • For warm up today, watch the videos linked here in order and reflect upon them. 
  • Read the article linked here pages 40-45 and respond to the following questions in a new Google Doc called "Videomaker - Stop Motion Article Response"  When you finish responding, SHARE the Google Doc with thomas.kohlbrenner (that's me!).
    • What are some positives and negatives of using Stop Motion as your video medium?
    • Why is it important to plan out your stop motion ahead of time?
    • How important is lighting in Stop Motion? Explain.
    • What is one of the biggest things you will need to address in Post Production?  Explain. 
    • Click this link to see the video featured in the article 
  • If you finish everything else, click this link and watch some of these videos on Stop Motion OR read some of the other articles in the Videomaker Magazine.





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In the Film Production Studio Program offered by UCPS, students have the opportunity to explore Adobe CS6 Premiere Pro and prepare for passing the industry recognized, Adobe Certified Associate Exam.  My name is Thomas Kohlbrenner and I am very excited to be your instructor for this course.  Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns that may arise as you work through this class.  I am here for you.


Phone:  704-296-0105     Email:  thomas.kohlbrenner@ucps.k12.nc.us    Website:  chsfilm.com



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